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Our mission is to create fun, inclusive, low-impact effective and efficient workouts that help challenge and change the body.


Who needs multiple memberships when you can have the variety of classes that Club MVMNT offers all in one space?


We take all-inclusive to another level by also offering you some of the most effective recovery options for your body. Where else can you go to take a barre or spin class then head straight over to the infrared sauna to deepen your sweat and detox followed by an amazing assisted stretch to lean out those muscles? Only at Club MVMNT.


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Founder of MVMNT Club Stephanie Dunlop


Stephanie Dunlop

My first two dreams in life were to be a physician and a dancer. I started dancing when I was 3 and fell in love with it immediately! I continued throughout my college career and ultimately became a professional dancer while I was also attending medical school and residency (yes, I know how insane that sounds). I majored in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine because I’ve always had a strong interest in body mechanics, fitness, health, and how they correlate with dance.


While I was in medical school and dancing professionally, my best friend became a barre instructor and invited me to one of her classes. Once again, I immediately fell in love! It provided a constant challenge, even as a professional dancer at the time, targeted all my problem areas, and created a fun community for me. I saw my body change and become stronger on stage as a dancer, and I was hooked for life, continuing even after I transitioned from dancing to teaching.

As I completed my residency and started my first job as an Emergency Medicine physician, I joined a studio, Refine31, that had more than barre available. I fell in love with the low-impact yet high-intensity cardio aspects of spin and bounce/rebounding classes and the numerous benefits that came along with it.


Again, what a challenge, and it complemented my barre training so well without causing high impact or pain on my joints! I was asked to become an instructor at this studio, something I never really thought I was capable of. The rest was history. I have taught at multiple different studios since then and have now taken all the best parts of them and decided to create a fitness studio community of my own.

Nonetheless, something that was really important to me and that I never learned throughout many of my years of professional dance was the importance of appropriate muscle recovery in terms of overall health and wellness of the joints and the body.


That’s why I have implemented both sides of the coin in my business: work the body hard through low-impact methods that preserve the joints (while having a blast of course!) and then recover the body and joints appropriately while maintaining length, flexibility, and stability of the muscles and joints. Add to that some amazing self-care and relaxation time because if nothing else, working in the ER during the pandemic has taught me that healing goes beyond the physical! I have seen too many people with so many surgeries, medications, and injections throughout my ER career, and I hope for my clients to be able to be proactive and preventative with their physical fitness routine and also offer an option for a holistic, non-invasive option of healing the joints, even retroactively.


I feel truly blessed with the gift to be able to heal within and outside of traditional medicine. I have seen it happen, and it fulfills my soul. I truly believe that MVMNT is Medicine but the full value lies Beyond MVMNT.

About Our Inclusive Fitness Studio Rosharon, TX


Barre, Spin, and Bounce Certified through Refine31

Doctor of Medicine with a Board Certification in Emergency Medicine

Stretch Therapy Certified through the Stretch Loft and the National Stretching Institute

Experience and expertise working with multiple different patients in medicine as well as multiple different types of clients and studios in Nashville, TN, Waco, TX, Houston, TX and Orlando, FL, culminating all the best parts of them into one amazing, fun and inclusive experience!

Get to know Steph a little more...

favorite workout move:

Basically anything on the rebounder/trampoline is my jam!

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