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Phone Number: 713-240-3004

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Got questions?  We've got answers!

  • What will I need to bring or wear to my first class?
    You will need to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that you can move in. For barre classes, it is recommended that your knees are covered as well. Barre classes require barre socks. You may wear your own or buy a pair in-studio! Athletic sneakers are recommended for Bounce, Rhythm, HIIT, and Spin Classes. You may also wear spin shoes with SPD cleats for Club Spin! Feel free to bring your own water or a sweat towel! Water is also available for sale. Towels are available in the studio.
  • What to expect in my first class?
    Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can get you set for success! You will be greeted with a VIP welcome and given a studio tour upon your arrival. We have lockers available for you to store your items. You will meet your instructor who will review any injuries you have or modifications you may need. They will review the basic moves of your class with you and get you ready to go! Don’t worry! They will be there to guide you every step of the way through your first class as you burn it out and jam out to a fun playlist. We will meet you after class for a quick debrief!
  • Will low-impact workouts be effective for me?
    Absolutely! There are so many low-impact workouts that have been proven to be effective both for sculpting and changing the body as well as for providing cardiovascular benefits! The best part is you get to be kind to your joints in the process while watching your body change and get stronger from week to week. Trust me! Heavy weights are not the only way to get results and I have seen it work for every body type!
  • Where are we located?
    We are located between Dilly’s Seafood and Rosharon Family Dental just off 288 and Meridiana Parkway. If exiting from 288 South, you will need to go to the light at the gas station and make a U-turn to turn into our parking lot. Ample free parking is available.
  • Do I need to be in shape already?
    Absolutely not! We are all working towards our strongest selves together and every day is a new journey toward that goal. We will guide and coach you based on your fitness level all while cheering you on as you achieve each milestone. The great thing about our workouts is that they can be modified to be challenging for every fitness level.
  • Which class should I take first?
    Club Barre or Sculpt are awesome first-time classes if you have never taken them before. They give you a great low-impact introduction to our studio. Interested in some cardio as well? Try out a Club Bounce + Barre class or a 30/30 Club Barre X Spin class to get a little bit of both!
  • What if I'm late?
    We do value the importance of a warm-up. We do ask that you reschedule or wait for the next class if you are more than 5 minutes late to class. If you have already missed the warm-up, we ask that you be kind to your body and give yourself your own brief warm-up at your mat, trampoline, or bike prior to fully joining the class to help protect your body and prevent injuries.
  • Do I need to have rhythm or be able to dance?
    Absolutely not! Our Club Rhythm class is all about just moving and grooving to have fun while keeping our heart rates up! There is always a super simple base movement you can return to keep moving and modifications available for all jumping to keep it low-impact but high-intensity.
  • Can I attend classes while pregnant?
    Yes and that does include Bounce! We do however recommend you have clearance from your doctor prior to participating in or continuing any physical activity or wellness program.
  • How do I know what Beyond MVMNT services are right for me and my goals?
    This answer is specific and detailed to each and every person’s goals. Book a New Client Intro Offer and we will go over your goals and prescribe the best fitness and wellness regimen targeted to help you personally achieve your goals including options for nutrition counseling and accountability programs. Alternatively, we do offer a standalone Prescription Call where we can provide you with the same targeted program for your goals.
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